photo - Jenn Bakos

Hi, nice to ‘meet’ you -

Katie here. Thanks for stopping by the website! I’m a Vermont-raised photographer with an organic farmer & ceramicist for a partner, and a 7lb ginger feline named Wilma who reigns queen of our household. I work mostly in landscapes, food, and people, but also love any wedding that is a little off the beaten path. What keeps me going with photography is the chance to capture people & places in a light they may not have thought of - to get those gorgeous, quiet moments that make up the threads of our lives.

Some of my favorite things:

-winter owls at twilight & crows at the end of fall

-the smell of a musty cellar, old books, & new posters

-taking a bite right out of a bread loaf before it’s finished cooling

-Sunday morning with the Times Style, Travel, & Book Review

-double french roast coffee at 7:15 am

-Gregorian chanting, Bach, & Andrew Bird

-The quiet after a deep snowfall

-piano duets with my grandmother

-8 hours of sleep